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ASP-oriented company founded in 2008 by a group of professionals with more than a decade of experience in architecting and developing timekeeping and workforce management solutions for large enterprises and government, provides scalable, secure, easy to manage enterprise level host management software and hosting application services using driver plug-in-play capability for supported terminals and easy integration components, reducing implementation cost and time to production, enhancing employee self-service capabilities.


Contact us at info@polygrammic.com to schedule an demo. We can integrate with your system in a very short period of time, no code writing is needed.


To learn more about our offer and buy online, please register and login to our Polygrammic Online Ordering System. Your shopping account will be approved within one business day if you have business agreements with us. We work with partners having NDA, pricing, branding agreements with us. Shopping online is a convenience feature for our existent and prospective partners that have already completed beta integration tests and signed NDA agreements.


ASP-ready software capable to manage simultaneously large number of geographically distributed terminals for multiple companies and real-time integration with any timekeeping/gate access system with no coding, rather using specifically designed GUI mapping functionality. Graphite Device Manager is compliant with biometric and non-biometric time & attendance terminals, allowing easy remote management of thousands of heterogeneous terminals with minimum hardware requirements.

Support for Industry Standard Devices

Due to a plug-in open architecture, Graphite can agnostically connect to most any time & attendance and gate access terminal. Fast Integration with Any Time and Attendance Software Easy to get up-and-running, usually implemented in two weeks for supported devices. Connecting to enterprise systems requires no custom software integration; rather, is handled by our graphical user interface mapping tool. The integration is one time action saved as an .integration model.. Graphite software is then easily rolled-out to all clients of the timekeeping/gate access software using the same model.

Database or Web Service Level Integration

Integration with timekeeping system at database or web service level, both integration models supported.

Minimize Capital Investment

No major development and integration costs associated with building and customizing a device management host for a specific T/A system. Connects directly to your T & A system and automatically synchronizes employee and terminal data.

Real Time Processing

Data is pushed into the client system in real-time in matter of seconds. Balances, schedule, access, etc. are displayed in real-time at the terminal.

Scalable and Highly Available

It supports thousands of terminals using standard hardware and Windows OS. HA solution to support your enterprise or ASP business.


Sensitive data such as employee names, badges and templates are encrypted with AES 256.

ASP Compliant

Software can be deployed at a hosted datacenter or a customer location. Easy to configure the terminal, and mail the device to the client. The client attaches it to power and network and it is ready to go. No firewall changes at the client site are required even if the terminal is behind a client firewall. No further changes to the terminal is required, the data needed will be downloaded automatically.


Currently supports English and Spanish. Other language required can be easily added using our translator tool.


From the terminal, you can view your timecard details, access real-time leave balances, view your daily or weekly schedule and more. We bring the Time and Attendance service to the terminal which we can customize per client.


Real-time monitoring tools to detect terminal mal-functioning. The heartbeat check also detects connectivity to the terminal. Ability to submit notifications and daily terminal health reports.

Other terminals

The company can provide drivers for other terminals as required by our software business partners.


Recognition Systems' most recent biometric time & attendance terminal, HandPunch. GT-400 provides timekeeping accuracy, mitigate risk, increase employee productivity. Accu-Time Optimus2 time and attendance terminals have an available large, color touchscreen and are designed to streamline workforce management through employee self-service. Coupled with Polygrammic's Graphite Device Manager, these devices and many others deliver tangible benefits every day.


The primary service offered is hosted automated data collection and integration with timekeeping or access control systems using our device management software. The same service can be hosted by our software partners or end customers. For solutions deployed outside of Polygrammic datacenter we will provide support services to our partners or end customers to sustain their hosted solutions. We also provide solutions that utilize new and old biometric hardware, bridge the gap for companies wanting to upgrade their biometric infrastructure at reduced costs. When hosted by Polygrammic, following services are available: device monitoring, preventive and corrective action services, device firmware distribution. Host management support for solutions not hosted by Polygrammic is quoted as an additional service and it will require remote access to our preferred partners or customers data centers. Other services include initial software setup including device software setup and connectivity test, integration with timekeeping system, data migration for initial setup, training.

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